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Alien Caves


Hide Secrets
Hide Secrets
Source: Wiki Commons


Ever since WW11 when the Nazis seemed to pay a lot of attention to Antarctica, people have wondered if there is more to this frozen continent at the bottom of our planet.
The Nazis are known to have a great interest in the occult and supposed ancient alien cults. These interests led them to spending a great deal of resources, otherwise wastefully, on trips and expeditions to Tibet and Antarctica. The truth that is behind these seemingly exuberant expenditures is still today, a mystery.
Obviously many theories abound.
Probably most common among these theories is the one where the Nazis, met aliens who live below the surface of our planet and together they built a hidden base in the frozen Antarctica.
There are two main reasons theorists use to support this theory.
Firstly, at the end of WW11 many German U-Boats seemed to have disappeared. Two of these missing U-Boats crews later surrendered in South America. These crews claimed that as the war was coming to an end, they were tasked with delivering unknown cargoes to a secret base in Antarctica. This led some people into believing that all the missing submarines were tasked in a similar manner. It has been speculated, that if this were the case, then the Nazis would have been able to “furnish” a fairly large secret base under the ground in Antarctica, where the remaining U-Boats and crews remained.
The second point that theorists argue to support their case is the Admiral Byrd claim of a “Hollow Earth”.
The Admiral claims that, by his own experience, there are large caves in the Earths crust that lead to an unknown world beneath. He also claims that he personally met members of an underground civilization that inhabit this hollow Earth. According to Byrd, the largest of these caves are located at the Poles. Could the Nazis have stumbled upon this civilization?


Ever since the supposed landing of aliens on Earth at “Roswell”, reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) has been a regular occurrence.
More recently though, there has been a strain of thought by many, that these UFOs are not originating from outer space but rather from within the Earth itself. One of the factors that have led to this hypothesis is the fact that even though we now have strong telescopes, these UFOs are only ever seen close to the planets surface and never on approach or departure.
Another factor that supports this theory is that a higher density of reported sightings, seem to be around mountain ranges: the Andes in South America, the Urals in Europe and the Himalayas in Asia. It is argued that the UFOs could appear from hidden caves from within these inaccessible places.

Antarctic Cave

On February 24, 2006 one of these possible caves is thought to have been found.
In the mountains of Antarctica between 66 33 ’11:58’ S, 99 50 ’17.86’ E and 66 36 ’12:58’ S, 99 43 ’12.72’ E. is what appears to be a man made cave.
From the photographs taken of this cave, the dimensions of the entrance have been calculated. The size of the entrance is estimated to be 30 meters high and 90 meters wide.
Of course looks can be deceiving and although from aerial photographs, this cave appears to be man made, it is of course possible that it was formed by some violent act of nature.
The fact though that the cave appears to be man made and the size being compatible to that of one with which UFOs could pass through, will of course be added to the theorists list of possible proof of their theory.
Yes I know, the proving of the origins of this cave could possibly be easily solved, by investigating it. However there are two obvious problems with this. First the accessibility, it would take a very determined and expensive expedition to locate on the ground, reach in the climatic conditions and investigate in the time allowed by the climatic system.
All this of course means that a government would have to truly believe the possibility of a secret base.
Of course though, no government would go to that trouble if they already know that the cave represents a secret base that they are already aware of.
Even if this cave is not man made, given the size of its entrance, how big is the cave? How long does it stretch? How deep does it extend?
Given all the questions that the cave entrance poses, you would think that somebody would be interested in finding out answers.
That is of course, unless they already know the answers.

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