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Today’s science fact is about the Texan Horned Lizard.

This lizard deters predators by shooting its own blood into their face. Out of its eyes. Apparently the blood taste......Learn More!

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What Type Of Posts We Are Looking For ?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.Remember you don't need to be an expert some of the best posts involve Bloggers sharing their personal experiences and things they have learned or mistakes they may have made.

Suggest Topics Include:

- Scientist(Biography,Experience etc).
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- Technology
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- Mineral and Element 
- Fossils and Ruins
- Strange Science or Weird Science
- Education in Science
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- Science for Kids

Not An Expert ?  I want this opportunity to be available to everyone so if you're not 'Tech Savvy' why not write about your experience and Knowledge.

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    If you have a post ready Great, send it in the format you are most comfortable with (Text, HTML, Document, Zip, etc or if your unsure just paste it into the Email) and i will get back to you.If you have an idea or title you want to run past me let me know.If you want more info on the process just ask.I am providing you my Personal G-Mail Account- 


    Thanks again for your interest and i look forward to hearing from you.

    Omkar Singh - Founder Of Science Relief.

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