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Today’s science fact is about the Texan Horned Lizard.

This lizard deters predators by shooting its own blood into their face. Out of its eyes. Apparently the blood taste......Learn More!

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Science Relief started out as a hobby really, i was always working on blog design and playing around with templates, gadgets and attracting traffic to blogs so i started posting the latest tips i was working on.

After only posting a few articles i quickly found Science Relief getting popular and my readership growing so i decided to focus on adding more content and making the Stories 
more reader friendly for My Science Readers while still providing quality News and Articles.

The Author

I am the main author of Science Relief, I'm Omkar singh and I'm from the land of Mahatma Gandhi,Taj Mahal-The sign of Love and lots of spicy food  (May as well stick with the stereotypes).I have never taken a class even at school on computers never mind studying it.Everything i have learned has been self thought simply through my Insane need to know How Things Work !

I started my first blog in 2010 just as New Blogger was launched and since then have not looked back.I still learn new things every day expecially when it comes to the latest design techniques like Css3, Html 5 and the not so new but not yet old jQuery.I like to think i could built a Blogger template from a blank document but have yet to try. 


Science Relief Updates you everyday with lots of free Science News,Articles,Stories etc. and for such a beautiful service, all the Credit  goes to our SCIENCE RELIEF CONTRIBUTORS,
who writes for Science Relief and there are other sources also or you can say our partner 
sites are as follows-

All the Amazing and Unbelievable Articles are Choice from here and are collected in one Place.

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