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Nibiru-Planet X-Hercolubus is a deliberate hoax, lie and scam perpetrated by a few people to profit from your fear.

We have to share our planet with each other, so please stop sharing lies and scare tactics that are deliberately conned up to profit a few.

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Planet Earth Isn't In Danger From Planet X-Nibiru-Hercolubus-Tyche

Many people believe that our government is so capable of lying, misstating facts and downplaying major events...all the while making plans to take care of themselves and their immediate families in the event of a global catastrophe.
While that last statement makes much more sense to me, and is much more feasible, our government here in the U.S. simply does not have the financial resources to house and feed for several years, possibly several decades, 360 million Americans...if there ever occurred a huge meteor strike, nuclear war, or a giant planet/brown dwarf/failed star passing dangerously too close to our earth.
While that is truly sad in and of itself, what is also extremely disturbing is that there are a handful of individuals that are online, perpetrating lies, half truths and 99% fiction mixed in with a fact.
What they are stating is that every 3600 years, a failed sun/brown dwarf/very large planet comes so dangerously close to earth and almost destroys it, and that this will happen again in December of 2012. What this fictional object purportedly does is send millions of meteors raining down on earth, because these meteors are caught in its gravitational field. It will also cause a pole shift that will literally turn our planet upside down, which in turn will cause 1 to 3-mile high tidal waves, massive flooding, massive earthquakes, and the deaths of millions, possibly billions.
Okay, the last time I read up on ancient history folks, there were all kinds of ancient civilizations flourishing 3,600 years ago! They were not destroyed nor did they ever record that a failed sun/brown dwarf or a large planet came dangerously close to our planet and destroyed everything around them. Hmmm, let's think here...That would be the Mediterranean civilization, the Aegean civilization, the Egyptian civilization, and so on!
Some of you may ask: What about the continent of Atlantis?
Ok, what about it? Perhaps Atlantis did exist. After all, I used to live in the state of Arizona, and I did find sea shells in the desert. That does prove to me that Arizona, or some part of it used to be under water. Yes, something cataclysmic did happen. After all, dinosaurs died out almost instantaneously and we have had ice ages. But every 3,600 years ?? No. These global catastrophes are taking place millions of years, or at least several hundred thousand years apart.
And another sad but true reality is that there are a very small group of people bent on spreading fear and panic, and they are profiting from it. What is extremely amazing to me is that people are very reluctant to give creedence, credit, or respect to a group of people such as congress, their government, scientists or astronomy experts, but will certainly believe a very tiny minority of people touting to have "special connections" to the "Zetas", "the greys" and other "aliens," or "experts" from NASA or the CIA.
Why is that?
And, if you are truly foolish enough to listen to a single word spoken by any of these people, than may I suggest Nancy Lieder. If you really do listen and are actually enough of a sheep's butt to heed what she says, than I really feel for you. She says that she is in contact with "the greys."
On a radio station in Los Angeles, Nancy Lieder told the audience to euthanize their pets because the earth would be destroyed in 2003. She also stated that dogs should be regarded as food.
Obviously when that horrible scenario that she spoke of did not happen, she later stated that it was a "white lie, to fool the establishment." She even went on to say that to disclose the true date would give those in power enough time to declare martial law and trap people in cities during the shift, leading to their deaths.
If that terribly lame excuse for being caught in an outright lie does not make you want to gather up your bottled water and canned food to throw at her, I don't know what will !!
And just when you thought it could not get worse about the hoaxes, lies and the scam artists (excuse me...the flakes, fruits and nuts) out there on the internet, another one just in folks!
Now it is being circulated that a moon-sized object is now approaching us very quickly and we can expect to feel the consequences of it passing by August 17, 2012 until September 26th, 2012. You know the story by now folks-huge earthquakes, massive coastal flooding, blah, blah, blah. The handful of people spreading this galactic urban legend state they have ties to government officials.
Oh mama mia, will the madness ever end??

I don't even want to imagine the havoc that this madness gone wild regarding Nibiru-Planet X-Hercolubus could be causing now to children, spouses or pets. There are people out there contacting scientists and asking if they should kill themselves and their children! When these scientists adamantly tell these folks that such a global catastrophe is not going to happen, the people then start accusing the scientists of lying and hiding the truth.
As for those of you out there perpetrating this Nibiru/Planet X hoax, all the while profiting from it, you should be held accountable and charged with some type of criminal activity if people and/or animals die because of this garbage! There are people out there that don't have both oars in the water, so to speak, and this vile lie certainly will not help their precarious mental health.
So you don't think people are trying to profit from this so-called news about our impending doom and destruction? Just look up "thelibertyman" and you will see that he is selling "survival gear" and his personally autographed pictures, all the while trying to convince you that we are as good as doomed. So why bother to sell anything, John Moore?
Why bother with making money Mr. Moore, since most of us and our earth will be as good as destroyed in just a few weeks !!
Good ole Nancy Lieder is selling books on her site, and also informs us that a company she is affiliated with has informational booklets, "at cost" of course, for only $7.50. Let's all be adults here and call horseshit on that one! I have received or been offered free booklets from many reputable companies and charities, and if an organization stated there was a charge, it was no more than $2 or $3.
Don't you think that if Nibiru-Planet X-Hercoubus-Tyche were only days or months away from wreaking havoc with the earth, then doesn't it stand to reason that we would be able to see it in the sky using just our eyes and nothing else, as plainly as we can see our own moon when it is full?
I certainly do and so should you. That is just freaking common sense!
UPDATE to the Zetas, Greys, Reptilians and the very foolish sheep that follow Nancy Lieder.
It is now September 27, 2012 and no global catastrophes!
Well, well, well. It is Halloween, October 31, 2012. Everything is still where it should be. No shifting continents or oceans being emptied out of their basins. The only real unfortunate circumstance to happen was the perfect, perfect storm: Hurricane Sandy.
I bet December 21, 2012 is just as peaceful and we will not see any planetary collisions or near misses, meteor strikes, pole shifts or any other global catastrophe.
Update: As of Christmas Eve, December 24, 2012, nothing happened, nothing changed.
Please folks, don't go for the next "end of world" hoax that is conned up by people to take your money!

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