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How To Lose Weight Running

Losing Weight By Running Can Be Great Fun

Losing Weight By Running Can Be Great Fun
Losing Weight By Running Can Be Great Fun
Source: CyclingFitness Photos

A Guide To How To Lose Weight By Running

Lots of people would like to lose a little weight and get themselves fitter too. Running is seen by many as a great way to lose that weight. This guide has been put together for people that wish to lose weight by running to provide advice, guidance and tips to help successfully use running to achieve weight loss goals.
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How Many Calories Can You Burn While Running?

If you're looking to lose weight and get rid of those bingo wings or annoying belly fat it makes sense to have an idea just how many calories your can burn by running.
How many calories you're burning whilst running is going to vary greatly depending on your level of fitness and effective workload. It is a general misconception that you'll burn the same number of calories running a mile as you would walking a mile. This is as a result of the energy demands of running increasing exponentially in line with oxygen consumption.
The below table provides a rough guide to how many calories you burn while running at steady pace. The stated formula refers to walking at 3-4 mph.
Net calorie expenditure refers to calories burned, minus basal metabolism which is a calculation used to assess effectiveness of an exercise at a detailed scientific level.

Calories Burned Per Mile While Walking And Running: A Comparison

Calorie Burn Per Mile
Net Calorie burn Per Mile
0.53x your weight (lbs)
0.30x your weight (lbs)
0.75x your weight (lbs)
0.63x your weight (lbs)
Adapted from Cameron et al (2004) Energy Expenditure of Walking and Running, Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise

The Golden Rule Of Weight Loss- Patience!

Rome wasn't built inn a day and you're never going to run yourself slim within a week- no matter what miracle weight loss pill someone tries to sell to you (stick to natural weight loss- it's better for your body)
There is no way that you can lose weight fast from running or any activity. If you push your body too hard in the quest for weight loss it will go into 'starvation mode' and start to preserve calories as part of it's natural defence systems.

Step 1- Get The Right Running Shoes Before You Start

Running is an intense exercise which puts a great deal of stress on your body. If you don't already own a good quality pair of running shoes one of the best investments you can make into your health, fitness and weight loss goals is to get yourself the right running shoes.
The best advice I've ever been given and that I've passed on to anyone who's a beginner planning to start a running program is to get themselves down to a their local running shop and explain to them what your goals are. It may be cheaper to buy a pair of running shoes on the internet and read lots of different advice on websites but there's nothing that can replace a trip to a running shoe specialist. The likelihood is that they will kit you out with the best running shoes for your foot type and running needs.
Running in the wrong shoes or heavily worn runners is a sure-fire way to injury. It's often de-motivating and therefore the right running shoes will really help you address your weight loss needs.

Enjoy Your Running To Help You Lose Weight

Do the Mo-Bot like Mo Farah. Running to lose weight can be easy when you're having fun.
Do the Mo-Bot like Mo Farah. Running to lose weight can be easy when you're having fun.
Source: CyclingFitness Photos

Sister- Get Yourself Into The Running Habit

When you're looking to get into running with the aim of losing weight one of the key factors is making running part of your lifestyle.
Losing weight is a lifestyle choice, not a chore and therefore you need to consider when you have available time to incorporate running into your life.
Ideally if you're looking to lose weight you need to get into a regular exercise routine. Aim to build up to running 3-4 days a week. This will allow you sufficient time for your body to recover yet an excellent opportunity to reach your weight loss goals.

Build Up Volume Steadily- Don't Be Over Eager

If you're new to running you need to have patience. You can't go from your first proper run to a marathon event in the space of a few weeks. May have tired and very many have been successful with this approach.
If you're aim is to use running to lose weight your targets and motivations have to look long term. Start off by trying a gentle run for a mile. If you can achieve that- fantastic. If that's not possible you can break a mile down into walk-jog-walk-jog for however long you feel comfortable running.
If you struggle to run for one mile in total a good initial target should be to be able to run continuously for one mile within two to four weeks. About.com has a great guide on Learning To Run One Mile over the course of a four week period.
It doesn't matter how far you can run at any time. It's completely acceptable to start with running a minute at a time and then building up to 2, then 3, 5, 7, minutes. You'll steadily build up to 15 and then 30 minutes or more of running. By that point you'll be into a running habit.

Use That Diary That's Stuck In A Drawer To Do Something Positive- Create A Running Log

A great way of keeping track of your running mileage, fitness progression and ultimately goals is to keep a running log. Ideally you can do this in an old school diary or use the calendar on your phone or email if you prefer. The main priority is keeping a record of your progress.
The Eat Run Read website has an awesome article on How To Create A Running Log or alternately you can purchase specific runners logs to help you track your progress.
Alternately grab yourself one of the excellent runners journals that are available in all good bookshops, running stores (and featured right!)

Why You Should Consider Getting A Running Buddy

If you've struggled to keep to your fitness and weight loss goals in the past consider getting yourself a running partner/ buddy. There are three main reasons to get yourself a running partner.
  1. Accountability- Running with a friend, partner or a running club means you have someone to be accountable to. It's much harder to miss a run if you're letting someone down.
  2. Running Regularly- A key benefit of having a running partner is that it allows you to get into the habit of regular, consistent training.
  3. Long Term Performance Improvement- Having a partner will help you to push your weight loss running goals higher and further to really progress towards a new you.
Where can you find a running partner if you don't know one already? Ask colleagues at work or the gym or there are a number of free-ads sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree where you can post an advert for a running buddy in your area. Just be careful to meet initially in a public, safe place and if you have any doubts don't go ahead.

Enter A Running Event To Provide Weight Loss Motivation

Running events are a great way to give focus to your weight loss aims and a fantastic opportunity to make like-minded friends with similar outlooks
Running events are a great way to give focus to your weight loss aims and a fantastic opportunity to make like-minded friends with similar outlooks
Source: CyclingFitness Photos

Enter An Event To Help Motivate Your Weight Loss Goals

There are so many amazing events across the world that you could use to help further motivate your running to lose weight. Running is such an inclusive sport that most events are run for a wide proportion of the population to take part so you can all find an event for you.
Whether you're ambitious and choose to sign up for your fitness marathon or decide to take things step-by-step and start off with a local 5k event as your starting point. You never know where it will lead and the opportunity to meet like-minded runners can be very motivating on your long term weight loss goals.
If you're looking for an event near you to enter there is a host of information available online. Check your national running federation website for information or alternately the Athlinks website has an awesome race events database for you to browse.

Combine Running With Healthy Eating To Help Weight Loss

To lose a pound of fat you need to effectively burn around 3500 calories. Running can help you burn more calories towards your weight loss goals but effective weight loss through exercise needs a more targeted approach to your nutrition.
A common mistake that many newcomers to running is that they still may be eating too many calories from food and drink as an overcompensation of their daily needs. The initial tiredness that can be associated with starting a beginners running program can often lead the body to crave more calories too.
A good technique is to keep track of what you eat. This will allow you to make a good estimation of how many calories you are consuming on a day to day basis. Be honest with yourself as those cakes and biscuits you might snack on over the day all add up significantly over the course of a week or more.

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