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Why Science Fiction Remains Popular

Michael A Wills

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres of literature and film in the world. It is difficult to adequately explain this type of fiction because it has practically no limits. However, there are certain consistencies within the genre. In most cases, the story is based on the exploration of a scientific principle that is not possible with current technology but may be possible in the future. Therefore, many such stories are set in a futuristic setting.
Oddly enough, much of what was once considered science fiction is reality today. For example, Jules Verne wrote of a nuclear powered submarine in his novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. At the time, people were not even seriously considering nuclear fission as a source of power. However, today, nuclear submarines make up the bulk of many nation's submarine fleets as well as other ships, such as nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

Even the improbable antimatter used to fuel starships in the Star Trek series of

books and movies has been found to be real and composed of atoms, with all electrical charges on the subatomic particles reversed from normal matter. This means that the nuclei are made up of anti-protons which carry a negative charge and anti-neutrons made up of an anti-proton and a positron. Positrons carrying a positive charge orbit the nuclei.
Isaac Asimov wrote many books about robots equipped with positronic brains. These robots had a built-in artificial intelligence. While AI has not progressed that far in reality as of yet, the potential exists and work is ongoing in this area.
The world of medicine has been another area explored extensively in this type of fiction. Cures and procedures that were envisioned by writers in the genre have been realized and are being used daily.
The reason speculative fiction remains popular is that it usually has at least some basis in science fact; the genre explores possibilities. While not all stories will ever come to be reality, many of the discoveries made in recent years have shown that much of what has been envisioned in the minds of speculative fiction writers through the years may come to pass.
Another aspect of this genre that contributes to its popularity is the hope for a better tomorrow. Most stories are set in a futuristic world where many of the problems of this world have been solved. This gives readers hope that humanity will find ways to improve their lot, and perhaps the world.
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