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The Extraterrestrial/UFO Presence: Alien Eyewitness Account - Aliens Walk Amongst Us

An Alien Eyewitness Account

Strange things are all around us, truth is undoubtedly stranger than fiction and sometimes it can be difficult to decipher which is truth and which is fiction. Especially concerning the alleged UFO and 'extraterrestrial' phenomena that we have been gradually experiencing more and more over the last sixty years.
The UFO phenomena was not something I was interested in until recently, I'd heard it all before and believed that it was just a cover for secret space weapons or vehicles developed by our own governments. I didn't believe a word of it. As far as I was concerned, grey aliens had become a massive part of our culture after the idea was originally injected into society via mainstream media with the use of images of flying saucers and little green men. This is where I used to believe that the whole idea of grey aliens stemmed from, pure imagination. I'd seen a few television programs on the subject but never did any research, it didn't interest me. Then, in 2008 something happened. Something that would eventually completely change my beliefs on the subject.
I had been subject to quite a few years of narcissistic abuseperpetrated by my fiancee, my life had fallen apart and I was quite depressed. She had stolen all the money I had saved for our marriage and ran off with another man, who was related to the family. Not by blood, but he was related. As far as I know they had been sleeping together for the entire ten years and getting away with it by carrying out their dirty deeds at times that I would least expect; valentines day, while I was away at funerals, birthdays, etc. I disappeared, leaving our three children there, with no trace and no way of getting in contact with me. After a few months I started to develop a bit of self-esteem and started regaining control of my life.
My parents were there for me every step of the way, they could see just by looking at me that I'd been dragged through hell backwards and my feet were still burning in flames. We would meet regularly for days out and it was amazingly refreshing to eventually be able to think for myself again. Eventually, I was winding down and becoming myself once again.
I gave up drinking and smoking, started reading self-help books, studying NLP,hypnosis, psychology and just about anything else related to the human mind. Included in these studies was the subject of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), something which I had previously known very little about. I started using tactics and tools that I had learned to bring me out of the depression, to get my head screwed on the right way and to untangle all the memories, lies and deceit that I had been subject to over the last ten years. Unless you've actually been through it you have no idea how refreshing it is to feel as though you are alive once again, to be freed from an emotionally and mentally torturous prison that denied you of your thoughts, finances, freedom, soul and will to live to a constant ten year period. I became stronger both mentally and emotionally, I had risen above all, no-one was going to mess with me. This was my life to live the way I wanted to live it.
I developed my sensory acuity and awareness of everything around me, I became more observant, learned how to become more assertive and how to communicate more effectively. I also mastered body language and learned how to read people by picking up on their subconscious cues. My mind was my own.
A Strange Day Out
On one of our days out in the summer of 2008, we were walking throughout our local town which was fairly busy. Everybody comes out in flocks when the weather is nice. As we were walking, my parents wanted to go into a shop across the road. As we turned to actually cross the road, I looked up and noticed a huge pair of eyes amongst the crowd walking towards us. I couldn't see this person's face or body, just a huge pair of eyes visible from behind a few people within the crowd. The first thing that my interior dialogue threw at me was "woah look at that guy's eyes!" I wanted to get a closer look but had to break eye contact in order to actually get across the road once the traffic had passed. Once we'd reached the other side and started heading for the shop, I glanced back to see if I could see the man with the huge eyes. I briefly looked at a few people then noticed him tucked in behind a small group of three or four people that were walking through the town. When I saw his face it hit me. This was no ordinary man, there were a few things about him that were very very odd indeed.
His eyes were massive, at least twice or maybe even three times the size of any other person I have ever seen. They were almost almond shaped and quite pointy at the top, reminiscent of the grey aliens eyes. However, this also gave him a very oriental look. These were real eyes, they had a white part, iris and pupils just like our eyes. No lens, nothing artificial. What I find interesting at this point is that both my father and my sister have claimed previously and swear to this day that they both saw the apparition of a ghost in our local town in the middle of the day. At the time I was skeptical, as I have learned of parapsychology and how human perception is commonly fooled by the way it operates. I was also traveling along a motorway once with my father driving when he saw a triangular UFO come swooping down towards the middle of a field then shot off at high speed. He couldn't believe his eyes. Unfortunately I didn't see it. At the time UFO's were being blamed on secret stealth aircraft such as the non-existent F19 Stealth Fighter. Why on Earth and how would a stealth aircraft want to come swooping down to a field then shoot off at a speed way beyond it's technical capacity? (to abduct cows perhaps?).
Upon seeing this being all sorts of things started running through my thoughts. His skin was the same as ours but rather pale looking. He was surprisingly human in terms of appearance but was so different that he literally seemed 'alien'. He had a very slight blue-grey tint to his skin which was much paler than the common human being, he almost looked ill. My initial thought was that maybe this guy had some sort of genetic disorder or rare illness that was responsible for his appearance. I say 'he' because he looked like a man, he was fully dressed in men's clothing and seemed to be covering up his mouth with a scarf despite the warm weather and wearing a long thick coat with the collar up. He clearly didn't want to be noticed. Upon speculating for literally the few seconds I had available it occurred to me that if there are 'people' living on other planets then this could be exactly what they look like, even though he didn't look that much like the typical small fake-looking grey alien usually portrayed in the media. However, if you take those images used in videos, books and all over the internet and then imagine that entity in as much human form as you possibly can, then that is what this person looked like. Except he was probably about six feet tall, give or take an inch. Not much taller than the average person. I have even come to the conclusion that he may have been a human-alien hybrid.
He had an enlarged head which I can only describe as being almost light bulb or pear shaped. His nose hardly protruded at all and his mouth was very small and thin looking but he did definitely have a mouth with lips, just as we do. He didn't have any (or much) hair but was wearing a hat. As he got closer I noticed something else odd about him - he didn't have any earlobes which made his ears look really small! They seemed to curve back into the side of his head instead of curving round into a lobe.

No Second Opinion - Telepathy?
I had never seen anyone or anything like it before, but I wasn't shocked. I was more surprised by the fact that most people that were around just didn't seem to be taking any notice of him. I didn't want to seem rude so I couldn't point to him in front of everyone but I desperately wanted to get the attention of my father quickly to see what his reaction, and eventually belief, would be.
At the time I didn't believe in extraterrestrial beings but I knew about the claims of 'grey aliens' being here. That's all I knew but upon seeing this person it almost instantanesouly occurred to me, after some kind of intial rationalization process, that there may actually be some truth behind it and that this person could actually be an alien grey. He didn't look earthly. It wouldn't have surprised me but at the time it wouldn't have surprised if those claims were false either. I was reminded of claims one of my friends had made many years ago about several different species of aliens walking amongst us and stories of the alien-ant people.
As I lifted my arm to get my father's attention the 'alien grey' look directly at me and kept eye contact. It was weird. It felt as though he knew what I was going to do and didn't want any attention being brought to him. As he made eye contact my arm just stopped moving. I didn't do it or at least I didn't intend to, it just seemed to happen. The more I tried to move my arm the more I couldn't, just like being hypnotized. He kept eye contact with me until he had walked past and was completely out of my view. I did break eye contact with him for a moment as I actually felt a bit intimidated, then I looked back and he was still staring at me.
He had a vague look of concern on his face and it was obvious that he was trying to keep a low profile. It was as though I could feel his paranoia. In the middle of a crowded town is actually probably one of the best places to hide if you don't wantsomeone to find you, as people are suggestible and remain in their own little bubble of concentration whilst out shopping, they ignore the things around them. I actually found myself feeling a bit sorry for the guy, he seemed out of place, lost and worried. I could sense that he wasn't comfortable and I'm not surprised - there was a strong feeling of empathy coming from somewhere that I had never felt before, it was almost as if I was feeling his emotions.
I don't believe for a minute that I was the only person that saw him, others must have seen him. But what are people supposed to do in that situation? They're not all going to start shouting out and pointing at him saying "look, that guy looks like an alien!" are they?? For a start that would be just plain rude and possibly even dangerous considering the conspiracy theories surrounding extraterrestrials and our governments. There was actually a sense of mutual respect all around, people clearly didn't want to be rude and were just ignoring him and let him get on with whatever he was doing and vice versa. They were well aware of what he looked like but everyone seemed more concerned with minding their own business.
As explained, there was a mutual sense of respect all around. Other people were most likely thinking the same things as me. Even if this guy is really not of the world, then does that mean he deserves to be pointed at and have attention brought to him in public? Does that mean he shouldn't have the right to go about his business whatever he was doing? Does that mean he shouldn't have his own personal space? No, it doesn't. This was just some 'alien' looking guy whose huge eye capacity allowed him to notice me looking at him from across the street. Imagine having an eye capacity that big, you would notice literally everything that happens around you!
Interestingly, I only recently found out the biological fact that our eyes do not grow or change in size at all. Our bodies grow but our eyes do not. In addition, there are no earthly genetic or otherwise disorders that are known to affect eye size. The fact that this person's eyes were two to three times the size of a normal earthly human being supports the theory that he was extraterrestrial in origin.
Could his eye size be a simple explanation for increased intellectual capacity? He literally must have been aware of everything going on around him, certainly more than a normal human would be capable of.
"Was he here with no way home? Did he have a family to get back to? How did he get here? Are people looking for him? Is he hungry? Is he from another world? Or a result of genetic engineering?" - there were so many questions to be asked.
I never managed to get my father's attention and I was quite disappointed by that but maybe it was for the best. I decided to keep quiet and put the incident to one side in my mind until a later date when I could actually do a bit of research into the subject - I had more important things to worry about at the time and the experience hadn't actually bothered me that much apart from the fact that it was so hard to believe. All the time I kept telling myself that there could be a perfectly logical and reasonable explanation and I planned to look into it in the future.


The Aftermath
Being a person who firmly believed that there is a rational explanation for everything, I had to rule out every other possibility in order to come to the conclusion that this person may have been extraterrestrial in origin. I started researching illnesses and genetic and medical disorders that affect a person's appearance.
The only two genetic disorders I could find that may explain such phenomena were Progeria, which affects the man in the above photo to the right, and Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) which the child in the lower image suffers with. Neither disorder seemed to explain his appearance sufficiently.
Just as my friend had claimed many years ago, this person was much more ant-like in appearance.

The Revelation
From the beginning of 2009 onwards, the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena was gaining a lot of media attention and the subject once again started building traction. This time it caught my attention and I began to carry out a lot of research into the subject. Myextraterrestrial investigation is actually quite light on the credible information that I found, I could probably write a book or two about it (which I may do). However, my main ambition became trying to find a photograph or picture by scouring through the internet to see if I could find an accurate illustration of the person that I saw in 2008 and to ultimately find out if this appearance was related to the alleged extraterrestrial presence in any way.
During my investigation I found the picture to the right and I believe it originates from a website that was documenting a human/alien hybrid program. This photo is a stunningly accurate picture of the person I saw walking through my local town although the person I saw had slightly pointier eyes at the top.
I felt so gratified when I eventually found it. The research was worth it.

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