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UFO Investigators Face Paranormal Deaths?

If your little child is dreaming of becoming a UFO Investigator or scientific researcher, you might want to try to get him interested in some other type of scientific research. Apparently, this field is most likely going to drive them to suicide or end in a suspicious death.
According to Dictionary.com, paranormal is "beyond normal explanation."
There have been countless deaths and suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of UFO Investigators and associates of the field. Suicides, murders and in some cases these scientists have been afflicted with strange, rare and rapidly spreading cancers.
Is this mere coincidence? Could there be a personality type that is attracted to the study of UFO's or extraterrestrial life? Could the study of Victimology explain these occurrences?

Coincidence or Government Conspiracy?

It is well known that the American Government has been involved in secret UFO investigations, research and cover ups. Speculators say that government officials fear the general public would be unable to cope with the truth about UFO's and extraterrestrial life. It is the belief of many that if the truth were known, chaos would ensue and then breakdown of civilization as we know it.
While it is difficult to dismiss the witnesses and sightings of so many believable accounts of UFO's it is equally as difficult to believe they do exist. When researchers, scientists and microbiologists begin to die mysterious deaths, it is difficult to dismiss as well.

Don't believe in government conspiracies?

"What are your reactions?"
"What are your reactions?"

Men In Black?

Do mysterious men dressed black clothing visit those who have had a close encounter with the third kind? There have been numerous reports of, possibly, transcendental men that visit people in the dark of the night to warn them never to speak of events they witnessed. Those who claim to have sighted UFO's or other strange phenomena often later were visited by these mystifying men.
In June, 1947 a fisherman and his son received a visit from the M.I.B. after spotting six hovering aircrafts over a bay in Tacoma. These air crafts released some chemical that spilled and contacted his boat. It killed his dog, nearly killed him and his son and damaged the boat. The substance was tested and made a believer of some as it was a very mysterious chemical. He was warned to stop talking about the incident. This would kick off many visits to come for these men who sometimes posed as CIA Agents, U.S. Air Force or sometimes Secret Service Agents.
Two Norwalk, Connecticut school boys reported seeing a low flying air craft they thought was a UFO in April, 1966. The following day a man who identified himself as an employee of a sketchy branch of government, so secret he couldn't tell the principal what agency he was with, questioned the two boys for at least three hours regarding the sighting.
Astrophysicist Morris K. Jessup is another enigma. Jessup was well known to be involved in UFO research. In 1956, Jessup began to receive letters from a man who identified himself as Carlos Allende. The secret letters told of secret naval experiments and invisible men. Ships that could disappear and UFO's. These letters were postmarked in Texas and Pennsylvania. The government employed a group to study these letters. Why?
Jessup launched his own investigation. He also was found dead of an apparent suicide in a park in Florida in the middle of a sunny day, in a high traffic area. A laundry hose had been affixed to the tail pipe and then piped back into the car.
Some say he did not commit suicide but was silenced by the M.I.B.
There are dozens of reports of these visits by these men and the message is always to either stop talking or stop investigating.

Albert Einstein

Source: Wilimedia Commons (CC BY SA)

The Philadelphia Experiment

In October, 1943, a U. S. Naval Ship was supposedly part of an experiment with invisibility. The government conducted an experiment on a navy destroyer, the Eldridge. Albert Einstein is believed to have been part of this ghoulish experiment. The ship was reported to have disappeared with all crew members aboard. It was teleported approximately 300 miles away and then reappeared in Philadelphia.
The experiment was being conducted an effort to invent the best defense a war ship could have - invisibility!
The experiment was semi successful. While the ship did disappear, the effects on the crew were horrific. Some crew members burst into flames or were welded to parts of the ship. Some later disappeared again with witnesses present. Almost half of the crew members had to be committed to an insane asylum for the rest of their lives. The deaths of the men that died were blamed on the war.

SDI - Star Wars - Marconi, Ltd.

Strategic Defense Initiative was a project that began in the early to mid 1980's in England. Apparently the government was working with nuclear x-ray lasers, weapons for space and ground level use. Top secret research was being done at Marconi, possibly in connection with the cold war and the Soviet Union. It was so secret in fact, some people speculate that when scientists found out exactly what they were working on, many of them were driven to suicide.
At least 30 people that were involved with the Star Wars project have met strange, untimely deaths.
The first death is believed to be that of Dr. Keith Bowden. He died in a car accident on his way home from a social function in London. Bowden, a computer scientist, was connected by having worked for a "major Star Wars contractor." His Rover reportedly crossed four lanes of traffic and took a nose dive off a cliff. Officials reported that he had been driving too fast and that his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit. His wife and friends that were with him that evening refuted this, saying he had not been drinking. His death was ruled an accident which was believable until his associates began to die by the dozens.
Roger Hill, employed as a designer at Marconi, Ltd. died of a shot gun blast, allegedly self inflicted in 1985.
November, 1985, Jonathan Walsh, 29, digital communications expert employed by the parent company of Marconi expressed fear for his life. A few days later he was found dead after taking a fall off his hotel balcony. Did he accidentally fall, possibly jump? Or was he pushed? The case is still unresolved.
A 24 year old electronics graduate employed at Marconi was found under the Clifton Suspension Bridge, but did he fall or was he pushed? Family and friends say he was not depressed.
On October 28, 1986, Ashaad Sharif, computer analyst at Marconi drove to Bristol, tied a rope around a tree and then his neck, got back into the car and drove off, killing himself by decapitation. Family and friends say that he was not depressed and had no reason to be in Bristol.
In August of 1988, Peter Ferry, who was a marketing director at Marconi, was found with electrical leads in his mouth, shocked to death.
Alistair Beckham was also found dead with electric leads placed on his body. Someone apparently also stuffed a handkerchief in his mouth. Beckham was connected to Marconi by being employed as an engineer at Plessey Defense Systems.
The deaths seemed to stop after 1988 when the project ended. Is is possible that these people knew too much? Is it possible that someone wanted to silece the people associated with the project? I find it difficult to believe that so many suicidal persons (or clumsy?) could all be connected by Marconi.

Philip Schneider

Secret memo shows JFK demanded UFO files 10 days before assassination | Mail Online
The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.

Do UFO Investigators Know too Much?

It is hard to dismiss so many fascinating and mysterious circumstances surrounding UFO Investigators and scientists involved with top secret research with regard to extraterrestrial life.
Philip Schneider, a former military official for 17 years with one of the highest security clearance levels in the government is hard to ignore. Is he insane or were there 13 attempts on his life? His account of a fire fight between himself and "grey alien beings" is unbelievable until he raises his hand and shows you the missing fingers that were burned off by something. Schneider was found stangled with his own catheter.
Ron Rummel died by suicide - a gun shot wound, but left no fingerprints on his gun.
Dr. James McDonald, senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics also involved in UFO research attempted to commit suicide in 1971 by a gun shot wound to the head. He did not die. Some time later he managed to transport himself in a wheel chair to a pawn shop where he supposedly bought another gun and then drove himself to the desert and shot himself again, successfully.
Documents were released that prove that 10 days before Robert F. Kennedywas assassinated he had demanded the records regarding UFO research from the CIA. Conspiracy theorists say this is the reason he was assassinated.
With a death count into the hundreds and rising, it is obvious that being a UFO Investigator is one of the most deadly jobs on earth. Is it a mere strange web of coincidences, does it defy 'normal' or is it possible that sometimes you can learn too much for your own good?

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