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Are You Too Young for Botox?

By Anna Woodward ,Science Relief Contributor

Botox is a diluted solution of the Botulinum toxin that is injected into the face and/or body. It is shallowly injected into the patient's muscles in a strategic pattern of units, or shots, to have at least four months to temporarily numb the nerve receptors in that area. This allows not only the muscles to relax but the layers of the skin to relax as well. These shots help to produce an inflammatory reaction that helps to smooth out some of the wrinkles as well. This makes the skin more receptive to moisturizers as that area of the face or body takes up to half a year off from physical expression.
The non-surgical procedure of Botox injections is feverishly popular with working professional ladies in their forties and fifties, but the interest has spread to moms and other young professionals. The interest has also trickled down, in reference to age, to women and men in their thirties and twenties. These are the age groups that many of the middle-aged men and women would like to rejuvenate their faces back to, but many younger people are dealing with a time of not feeling as though they are doing enough: they are multitasking themselves into stress lines and frown lines much earlier than they had ever planned. So they are investing in a small twice to three time a year non-surgical procedure that can help them sustain their youthful face instead of letting it deteriorate and then doing something about it.
But advice from the middle-aged and older clients who have experienced consistent success with this product and procedure will say that the greatest benefit of creating a Botox routine for oneself each year is that it doesn't just take a little edge off of the current wrinkles, long-term use permanently begins to reverse the signs of the lines. This is especially evident when combined with regular topical skin abrasion and nourishing treatments.
So, what is the best age to start getting receiving injections? Many plastic surgeons would recommend Botox as they would any other procedure, as long as it is not compromising to a patient's health or well-being in form or function, that he or she go for it if they believe that aging or scaring is compromising their aesthetics or esteem to the point it is bothersome. If someone in their twenties or thirties looks ten years older than they are and they believe that a week's vacation and a few more spa treatments a year won't take care of it, then a consultation with a Botox injection specialist is a great resource for one's options in starting off minimal and seeing how their body responds.

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