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Is A Breast Lift Worth It?

By Andrea Avery,Science Relief Contributor
One of the many questions women face is whether surgeries like a breast lift are worth it. The results of this procedure are very specifically tuned to what the individual's needs are. If you have a desire for added volume, you may want to consider having augmentation with the use of implants. If you are hoping to reduce size, then a reduction may be the route to take instead. The key to remember here is that the right procedure can help to transform the way your body looks and help to give you the boost of self-esteem you need as well.
Who Will Benefit From This Procedure?
Many people can benefit from a breast lift. The ideal candidates are those who have pendulous breasts, which means they hang significantly lower than desired. The size may be ideal, but you may not like how they hang. A second reason to consider this procedure is a lack of substance or a lack of firmness in the tissues. This procedure can correct those concerns. It can also help to improve the positioning of nipples and areolas. This is particularly effective in situations where the nipples or areolas are pointing down rather than straight ahead.
Why Is This Happening?
Doctors will also need to take into consideration the reasons why this may be happening. For example, if you have lost a significant amount of weight, this can occur. In other cases, women have this shape due to hereditary traits. If that is the case, the condition can be improved significantly and at any age. Some women have differences in breast size from one to the other. Sometimes, women who have larger breasts may want this procedure to lift the tissues, but if the breasts remain large, this can become a problem again in the future.
When Should You Wait?
There are some situations in which you should wait prior to having this procedure performed. In situations where you are still likely to get pregnant or to keep breast feeding, it may not be a good idea to have the procedure yet since these conditions can lead to additional sagging later on. You also want to ensure that no damage is done to the milk ducts during the procedure if you plan to have another child.
Is a breast lift right for you? If you are the ideal candidate, then this procedure can give you the firm, perky breasts you want and perhaps even used to have. However, it not possible to know this until you talk to your doctor and have a formal consultation about the procedure first. Then, you'll be able to better know what the outcome of your procedure could be.
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